10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering -

10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering

10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering
It is impossible for everybody to face up and walk 100 miles without taking a halt. Likewise, it’s impossible for everybody to blindly believe something that they need not seen or felt physically. This could be a touch ambiguous, but the rationale why I compared an individual taking a 100-mile walk and people who don’t believe something blindly, is that you simply only find a couple of individuals do this kind. those that believe anything blindly and don’t expect a symbol end as a theoretical physicist and people who attempt to prove the said theory find yourself being a scientist. 10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering.

Do you see the difference? Well, for instance, Ramanujan and G.H Hardy. Both of them are critically acclaimed Mathematician and G.H Hardy face to face was the best mathematician at that point. the work for G.H Hardy was to seek out the proof for the groundbreaking mathematical results predicted by Ramanujan. Regardless to mention, they worked well as a team.

Quite ironically, Ramanujan believed in God and Hardy was an atheist. Moreover, Ramanujan claimed that the majority of the results he predicted came as a results of his daily offerings to God. Hardy being an Atheist condemned his claims and pressurized him to figure on the proof. Towards the top of the story, Ramanujan tries to justify his inclination towards his God and why he believes in God’s presence. However, the subject for today isn’t why Hardy was an Atheist or why Ramanujan tried so hard to justify his belief. Let me just cut the chase and jump straight into the discussion. Right now, Let me be the Ramanujan and you be the Hardy

  1. Formation and Existence of Galaxy.
    To be honest, I’m not much of a God person myself, yet I strongly believe that something supernatural happened and hence the galaxy was formed. Well, the large Bang isn’t far away from being “Supernatural”. Scientists strongly condemn the very fact that the formation of the galaxy is thanks to the involvement of God(Scientists and God….., i assume they don’t go well together).

Steven Weinberg, a Nobelist in Physics, said at the instant of this explosion, “the universe was a few hundred thousand million degrees Centigrade…and the universe was crammed with light.”
10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering
However, the formation of the Galaxy was justified by the large bang theory. But…, what happened before the explosion and what all circumstances made the large bang to occur out of nowhere. Scientists are working hard to seek out the result(Spoiler Alert!, they’re gonna turn down the “God” factor again). String theory is what the scientists call it. Well, until the scientists give me a robust proof using String theory, I’m getting to believe the involvement of God.

  1. God as a Source of Positive Energy.
    Even though you strongly oppose the claims supporting the existence of God, you’ll not deny the very fact that God may be a source of positive energy. as an example, whenever you happen to urge something unusual or frightening, no doubt, you’ll attend Temple, Mosque or Church first. If you would like a scientific explanation on why God may be a source of positivity but, I could offer you philosophical reasoning. God, considered as many, a God, your mind will calm of you share or pray to unravel your problems. In fact, praying is what makes your mind calm by sharing your thoughts through praying.
  2. Our Existence
    Even if the universe was a result of a scientific phenomenon, it’s hard to prove that our design was an outcome of a successful research project. If you are doing believe intrinsically, you actually are capable of writing an honest sci-fi flick. Someone or “something” designed the fragile metabolism which, in my opinion, can only be designed by God. Who is more supreme than the Almighty God? That’s something to believe.
  3. Scientific explanations and predictions written in Holy books.
    Who else needs to know the “Doomsday” prediction as predicted by the Bible. Bible could predict the possible constellation which happened decades after it had been written. So, you can’t deny the very fact the holy books are an entire hoax.
    10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering
  4. The authenticity of scientific Laws and rules
    There is the Law of Gravitation, which states that celestial objects tend to experience a gravitational pull. Or briefly, Apple falls down rather than flying high within the sky. Why does this happen? The question should be, Who made it happen. No, it’s not Newton, he was the some to “discover” this phenomenon. He didn’t “invent” it. Who else except God would design such laws?
  5. Geographic design of our Planet Earth.
    Imagine that you simply find yourself a balcony seat to witness the large bang. even as you are trying to grab your popcorn, everything would be done and therefore the next thing you’ll see is that the Milkyway galaxy. the large bang happened within a fraction of a second yet, there’s no theory supporting on why the world got its round geometry. the world is found the proper distance from the sun. Consider the temperature swings we encounter, roughly -30 degrees to +120 degrees. If the world were any longer faraway from the sun, we might all freeze. Any closer and that we would spend. Even a fractional variance within the Earth’s position to the sun would make life on Earth impossible. I hope that says it all.
  6. Evolution of humankind
    I bet you all may need to be heard about the Adam and Eve story concentrated around the Apple(Damn, the apple does hold a key to tons of mysteries). Moreover, the present dispute among the researchers is to seek out the origin of humankind, which is confirmed as Europe as of now, believed to be Africa before. The Adam-Eve could be fictional but the evolution of Apes to Homosapien remains an unsolved puzzle as of now. Mutation holds the solution but it doesn’t support the rationale behind the mutation.
    10 reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering
  7. DNA
    DNA is an integral part of our body and it’s a subtle design that demands a highly proficient and “God-like” designer. Did you get the pun? If not, here are some facts. Advances in biology have revealed vast amounts of data encoded in each and each living cell, and molecular biologists have discovered thousands upon thousands of exquisitely designed machines at the molecular level. That’s one fact to means the existence of a God-like designer.
  8. Nature
    Nature is believed to be the work of God which is why looks impeccable. It’s obvious that mankind is the biggest threat to nature. Hence, we could eliminate the chances of a “normal” person is the one who designed the character. For supporting the involvement of God in creating the character, here are some biblical verses.

Genesis 1:3-5 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw that the sunshine was good, and God separated the sunshine from the darkness. God called the sunshine Day, and therefore the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the primary day.

  1. Why are we here?
    This particular question is what made Sir Stephen Hawkings curious. He then began researching the large bang and another phenomenon closely. Being a theoretical physicist, he has suggested tons of reasons supporting what caused the explosion but neither of them is proven. So, why are we here? This might sound a touch odd and philosophical but, several factions means that it’s our duty to seek out God and feel his presence while we are alive. I do know this is often odd.

In Hinduism, it’s written that when the world ceases to exist, the Lord Vishnu will take his final “Avatar”, Kalki. Some followers say that we get to ascertain him ride on a horse while the world slowly rots away as a result of disbelief and loss in humanity. Well, how cool is that? we’ll find them out once we all die.

In the end, it all looks like the climax of “Interstellar”. you would possibly get a thought on the existence of God, yet on researching more into the subject you’d find Science taking the whip hand, actually, there exists truth and it’s up to us whether or to not believe it.

10 reasons to believe in a god who allows suffering

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