American Federal Reserve increased the rate Ad the rate $ USA DOLLAR -

American Federal Reserve increased the rate Ad the rate $ USA DOLLAR

Wednesday, the American Federal Reserve increased the rate 3rd time from one year. This statement also affects the dollars federal reserve said that in December he also increase the rate and three times next year and once time again in the years 2020.on Wednesday, the rupee closed at 72.60 strength by a paise against. Dollar the increasing rate of crude oil and fears of trade-in American and China today amid the starting work of dollar against the rupee feel 30 paise at the rate of 71.34 was opened. let us know that, On Sunday, the rupee was strong feel down 21paise at a rate of 71.21rupee at per dollar to a new historical low.  No relief from crude oil prices, no hope of lowering prices  .on Monday the rupee starts the best work but in the afternoon the rate is badly stumbled. The rise in crude oil rate affects perception of rupee benchmark Brent crude oil climbed at rupee 78 per barrel the increasing rate crude oil the started the lesser book was decreased the market saw an upheaval in global trade war continuously the rise in the prices of crude oil and petrol are gained new height in the country the fall in rupee has increased the inflationary.  on Monday morning then rupee was opened at 70.80 in the late afternoon the work reversed. 

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