Eva Andressa, female bodybuilder fitness models, ifbb muscle, competitions -

Eva Andressa, female bodybuilder fitness models, ifbb muscle, competitions

There are many bodybuilders who are known for their beauty and also for their strong and muscular body. But today in this video we are going to tell you about a female bodybuilder who is not only known for her beauty and for her body she is also known for her strong determination, helpful nature, and hard work. She has won many competitions with her hard work Eva Andressa belongs to Brazil.

eva andressa
eva andressa

She was born in 1984. Eva Andressa height is about 5″6 inches. Her weight is 62 during the season of conditions and it turns to 69 her during the offseason.She was interested in fitness from the very beginning for example she started participating in sports from the age of just 17. She was a very impressive player in school games. Now she is one of the most famous fitness models of today’s fitness industry. When she entered the fitness industry she put her only one goal and that was just winning the Ifbb pro card. And at the age of just twenty-nine, she won the ifbb pro card. After winning that pro card she got famous on social media, about millions of followers are following Eva Andressa now. She always
Post her videos and pictures on social media to inspire her followers to stay fit and healthy. There are many more magazines on her diet plan, workout routine, and lifestyle.Eva Andressa is not only a famous fitness model she is also a well-known bikini athlete. She is very strict about her workout routine and also very strict about her diet plan. Like she used to do workout six days of a week. But during competition season she used to do a workout each day of the week. And she spends about 50 minutes a day in the gym for her workout. She likes doing legs workout very much and to make her body stronger and more muscular she used to lift the weight. If we talk about her diet plan, she takes 5 meals a day. She always eats healthy and clean food. She does not like eating any type of fast food. But occasionally she used to add a cheat meal to her diet. Eva Andressa’s favorite meals are Brown rice, Chicken breast, and green vegetables. If we talk about her supplements she only uses glutamine, whey protein, BCAA, and multivitamins to provide nutrients to her body

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