Patakha 2018 Full Movie

Patakha 2018 Full Movie

The movie is totally rolling around the world of two sisters. they are having a love and hate relationship. They are like two commanders of the same country fighting against each other. But this leaves a powerful impact on today’s generation’s minds who is not stable with their siblings. That we can hate them at the moment but can’t live without them. At one point they have to reunite and know each other’s values. The director of this movie Vishal Bhardwaj personifies that we “can’t live with them, can’t live without them


  DirectorVishal Bhardwaj
ProducersVishal Bhardwaj, Rekha Bhardwaj, Ajay Kapoor, Ishan Saksena, Dheeraj Wadhawan
Released date28 September 2018 (India)


Champa (Radhika Madan) is the older sister — as shown by her nickname Badki. And then there’s Chutki (Sanya Malhotra) aka Genda aka Marigold, as her English-speaking husband calls her lovingly. While Badki is a simple girl who is happy with her buffaloes. Spends more time with cows rather than humans, and wants to own her dairy one day in her life. On the other hand, Champa is an ambitious girl and wants to be a teacher in the future.

They live with their father (role played by Vijay Raaz very well) in a village of Rajasthan. Moreover, they are earning their lives by being driven by a tooth-and-nail sibling rivalry. Champa and Genda are totally opposite from each other. Which is the biggest effect on their existence. Apart from those sisters, there is a role full of comedy. They had great importance on their lives — Sunil Grover plays Dipper, a character. Who is equally a storyteller in the movie(narrator)in the movie? Equally a cinematic lubricator — and an effortless character with lots of comedy.

 A detailed summary of the movie:

        Both sisters are converse with each other like Hindustan and Pakistan. The whole story of the movie is about to show revenge. However, expose each other secrets while trying to explore each other’s ambition. Their father, husbands, and Dipper, all are merely the choir.

 Badki and Chhutki live in a small town in Rajasthan. However, They are sisters who quarreled with each other about anything and everything. For Instance, From bidis(mini cigar) to clothes to broken phones to  TV sets. Dipper (Sunil Grover) is their neighbor. Who is always on his way to look out for an opportunity to make the sisters fight. While their father (Vijay Raaz), is a single parent. who is always trying to make peace between his daughters?

Heartbreak for sisters:

However, After getting tired of his daughters. Therefore, He wanted his daughter to marry an old-aged bachelor. Because he wants some cash from him. On the other hand, both the girls are finding their love. Before the day of marriage, Badki is escaped from the house with her boyfriend, With the help of Dipper. Then her father decided, Her younger daughter Chutki married that old-aged bachelor. Later, Chutki also escaped with her boyfriend as well as with the help of dipper.

Now the question is where are they? Therefore, Everyone worried about them.

                          After marrying their boyfriends unfortunately both are in the same house. This is a very shocking moment for Badki and Chutki to see each other in the same house. Now they are their father’s oath to never ever fight in the future. But, They keep examining to make their spouses argue and gladly they are got divided. Badki is going to be open her own dairy. Therefore, Chutki grows a  good teacher. After seeing each other’s success Badki is becomes lost in her voice, and Chutki is lost her eyesight. Both the companions are getting so fixated by their victory. At last, both are rejoined and identify the value of each other………………………….


The movie is about two siblings. Who can’t live with each other and can’t without. Both are escaped from their marriage to live their life without each other. Coincidentally they are getting married in the same house. It’s very difficult for them to live together under the same roof “Ek chat k niche”. They are tried to fight their husbands and get separated. After separation, they realized they can’t live without each other. Consequently, The tale symbolizes the “Khatta Mitha ” bond in intermediate two cousins.

Patakha Full Movie

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