The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1 Full Movie

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1 Full Movie

So finally the wait is over. Disney is representing the amazing new series of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. As you all know Marvel Studios‘ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episodes are out, The New Captain America U S Agent, Flag Smashers, Torres, Super Soldier Serum, and even steve rogers Captain America and much more. So, today all of these topics will be discussed. Moreover, We are here to tell you about the episodes of this marvelous series. So, Stay on this article to know about Episode No. 1 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Episode No. 1 Updates

Episode 1 starts from the room where Sam( Falcon) is getting ready to go somewhere with the shield of Caption America. Instantly, The scene shifts to a Plane where the Major is telling Sam about LAF. For instance, LAF stands for a Criminal organization. Eventually, LAF kidnaped caption Vasant – a militray Liaison. Major orders Sam to stop LAF to take away the plane. Moreover, he says that LAF is on Tunisian airspace. However, He also adds that first lieutenant Torress – an intel officer will help him in this mission.

Major said falcon to complete the mission with harmony. After a couple of time we find that Louie – member of LAF hijacked the plane. Therefore, Georges tortures’ Vasant. Simultaneously, Sam fights with Georges and other team members of LAF to save Vasant. Finally, After a mind-blowing clash falcon save Vasant and completed his mission.

Again scene shifts to a restaurant where sam and Torres talk about Flag Smashers’ manifestos blogs. Moreover, Torres tells Sam about the problems of people due to Thanos Blip. Falcon orders Torres to keep eye on them.

What happened to the shield?

On the other hand, Sam Moves to Washington. Here we find that Sam joins honor of Steve’s legacy. Falcon donated the shield of Caption America to the government. In addition, we see a scene where Rhodes talks to sam. However, Rhodes asks sam why he refused to be the new caption America. On this, Sam says that when Steve gave him his own shield. Sam told steve that “It feels like it belongs to someone else”. Sam always wants to give back this shield to steve.

Scene shifts to the Hotel’s dream of Mr. James Bucky Barnes. Barnes facing nightmares. On the very next morning, Dr. Raynor asks Barnes about his nightmare problem. Therefore, Barner refuses to tell her the truth. Moreover, Dr. Raynor asks him about the three rules he has to follow to get free. Firstly, He shouldn’t do any wrong illegal work. Secondly, Do not hurt anyone. And the last one is the mystery. After a couple of moments, Bucky talks to uncle Yori. Uncle Yori sets a date for Bucky. There Bucky finds out that he’s the reason for Uncle Yori’s son’s death.

Who is the New Caption America?

On the other hand, Sam goes to Delacroix, LOUISIANA to meet his family. There Sarah (Sam’s sister) said she will sell their own family boat. On this, Sam stops Sarah. Therefore, He assured her about passing the loan. Sam tried to help her financially. Sarah and Sam go back for a loan. But, Bank refused to pass the loan. They returned to Boat. Sam tried to start the boat. But, All in vain. There Sam got a call from Torres. Torres send a video of the fight with Flag Smashers. Sam said Torres to keep eye on them. At the end of the episode, The surprising shock hit Sam. Because US Govt. choose their new Caption America

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 1 Full Movie

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