What is Bitcoin see the information in If we talk on -

What is Bitcoin see the information in If we talk on

What is Bitcoin see the information in If we talk on a simple language bitcoin is a worldwide means virtual and cryptocurrency in all the world it is means that it is money which you can not touch or see it is a digital currency which is saved in your internet wallet and if you have needed it you can be used easily it is money same as rupee,  dollar,  pound, etc.  The difference between in this is you can not see or touch them and it values should be increasing or decreasing how to sell or buy Bitcoin buy of bitcoin is one not tough if you made an online payment for any website or mobile app then you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin in India for buying and selling of bitcoin you use a website or mobile app two company are very popular in India from which you can buy or Sell easily which name is zebpay. com or unocoin. com you can buy or sell Bitcoin to both the two websites to sell or buy Bitcoin in India use the following steps
 sign up in the website 

First, you open the website, then you sign up on the website that is you register your mobile number on the website
Upload document 
Then you scan your some important document and then uploaded it Adhar card, pan card etc.detail is fill in the website and then submit your document and then in 24 hours your account is active and the website send you Email or any message that’s your account is Enter bank details and deposit money 
When your account is activated you can fill your bank details so that you can deposit money for your account for buying Bitcoin you deposit the money and you can buy Bitcoin as your own choice, but you can deposit at least thousand rupees and load it in your account Now buy Bitcoins with money 
When you deposit money the money will be seen in your account easily than you can convert this money in Bitcoin by clicking on the buy bitcoin button, your money will be automatically converted into Bitcoin in this way. you can buy bitcoin in this way 

How to sell Bitcoin After this when you can sell your Bitcoin you do not need to go anywhere. You click on sell bitcoin button then click on withdrawal  button and your rupee automatically send in your bank and your money direct send in your bank account and in this way you can easily buy or sell Bitcoin

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